Festive table setting (+280 Photos) at home: Technology and rules for organizing beautiful feasts

If you need an original table setting, technology and imagination will help to organize any meal. Everything is more detailed later in the article. Competent table setting is the final stage of preparation for the upcoming feast. It allows you to shade the originality of the dishes served, emphasize the artistic taste and helps to create a festive or homely atmosphere. Serving is necessary for breakfast in the family circle, and for a solemn dinner on the anniversary, and for a reception in honor of the engagement.


Selection Criteria

Create a festive atmosphere

The reason for the feast is the main factor determining the number of invited guests and the format of the meeting. It depends on the choice of food served, textiles, dishes and cutlery. For example, for a Sunday family dinner, you can choose a simpler design than the birthday or wedding anniversary.

We make out the theme of feast

When searching for serving options, consider:

Times of DayIn preparing for breakfast, use bright dishes and bright textiles made of cotton or linen. A tablecloth and napkins made of dense fabrics of noble shades - burgundy, dark blue or golden are appropriate for a festive dinner.Season of the yearTo decorate the table in spring or summer, choose light and sunny shades, and in winter or autumn - more saturated and tones. In accordance with the season, you can pick up flowers and other accessories for decoration.

For breakfast it is better to use white dishes.

Versatile in the design is white. White dishes can be used for everyday and festive table setting. A white tablecloth looks solemnly in combination with the same napkins made of fabric, and with colored paper - fresh and at ease.

White light color

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