Black kitchen in the interior - a new trend in the kitchen world (220+ Photo combinations in design)

Black color in the interior always attracts attention. Wherever it is used - it will always be bright and dominant. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. Let's discuss the rules and nuances of its use. It is very important not to overdo it.

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  • Black - like new white in the interior of kitchens
  • A few simple rules for dark kitchen
  • New white: kitchen furniture
  • Black cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Countertops
  • Apron
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  • Black and white kitchen
  • Dark technique
  • Accent wall
  • Countertops
  • Apron and mosaic
  • Cabinets
  • Black and white kitchen cabinets
  • Black and red
  • Balancing two primary colors
  • Design Ideas
  • Use texture
  • Black and green
  • Dark green
  • VIDEO: The versatility of black in the interior of the kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Black - like new white in the interior of kitchens
  • A few simple rules for dark kitchen
  • New white: kitchen furniture
  • Black cabinets
  • Black and white kitchen
  • Black and white kitchen cabinets
  • Black and red
  • Black and green
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Black - like new white in the interior of kitchens

    We are faced with unusual and sometimes very contradictory trends, studying new trends in interior design. For example, kitchen design with the participation of a large number of dark colors. The kitchen world of design has always been focused on white, as the preferred choice of color.

    Classic tandem white and black

    White is definitely a "safe" choice, it fits into any design, it will always be modern, with it we do not risk getting bored in our kitchen in a few years. Recently, however, another color trend is gaining momentum, and I personally like it very much: have you ever thought of a black kitchen?

    The spaces with him seem more solid and international, a bit mysterious. Shades of black, dark blue or dark brown add the fact that white kitchens cannot add - seductive charm, which simultaneously transmits smoothness, refinement, individuality.

    The safe choice for the boring interior.

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    A few simple rules for dark kitchen

    In my opinion, there are a few simple rules that must be followed to create a kitchen in a modern sophisticated style (and also to avoid the feeling of gloom in the end).

    Here are my four simple rules:

    • Matte finish. For a modern chic result, choose a matte finish: this effect softens even strong colors, making the darker more subtle.
    • Lighting. For a dark kitchen, I think the best thing is sufficient lighting and refusal of the upper cabinets. Therefore, keep the upper part of the kitchen light by choosing open shelves instead of closed cabinets or even leaving the wall empty (perhaps painted in a contrasting tone, such as white or light gray). If you need top cabinets (since lack of space is always a problem), choose top cabinets in white to keep a bright, bright effect.
    • There are 3 possible choices for a worktop: black, wood or marble. For a clean black design, feel free to choose a charcoal tabletop. If you want a warmer and more comfortable influence, then wood will definitely be the best choice for you. Finally, if instead you want an elegant, super-chic kitchen, you need to choose marble.
    • Add a few touches of gold or copper (for example, on a crane or in detail).

    For a dark kitchen, arrange good lighting.

    For nearly two decades, white furniture has occupied a dominant place in kitchen design. Almost every homeowner needed just a white kitchen. From cabinets to electrical appliances and tiles, white color saw a huge sales volume through the design industry. Considering all this sounds incredible, but now dark kitchens own the market. You can even say that black is the new white.

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    New white: kitchen furniture

    Use black furniture only on the central island or for the entire headset to make the whole kitchen a bright design.

    BoardIn each room there should be at least some small stain of this color. This is a great accent color, as well as a great background for other elements in the room.

    It harmoniously looks in combination with a wooden table top.

    Most likely, the majority of readers consider completely ink kitchen unacceptable, and they will be right. But there are also supporters of everything unusual. They will find a way to make the dark kitchen so that the space becomes fashionable, warm and bright enough.

    Of course, dark colors in different large and small rooms are perceived differently: in some, it can emphasize architectural features, while in others it can be depressing.

    You can use it only for furniture fronts, chairs or a dining table in a small kitchen. All other surfaces should be with light warm shades: milk, cream, light beige, pale yellow and others. This will help preserve the visual volume of space.

    Kitchen design in red and black colors

    BoardBlack cabinets make the space expressive, especially when combined with brass hardware or lighting. Dark stone countertops offer a stylish alternative to light granite or marble. A black oven, cooker hood or refrigerator give a bold contrast in the spacious kitchen. A wooden or tiled floor under the onyx will look gorgeous, besides, it is not brand.

    This color is good because it is perfectly combined with any other colors, as well as with white, cream, woody. Use your favorite color combination in the interior, so you will distract attention from the abundance of dark tones, making their entry harmonious.

    The black color looks bright with many colors.

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    Black cabinets

    If you are installing brand new kitchen cabinets or updating the look of existing ones, you can consider a bold choice of style: black kitchen cabinets. Since most kitchens generally have lighter colors, such cabinets can provide a bright, attractive contrast.

    Remember that black should not mean the color of a dark midnight or ink shade.

    Black kitchen cabinets in the interior

    Paint manufacturers now offer a wide selection of colors, many of which have interesting shades that almost turn gray. The color and style of another part of the kitchen, as well as the bold statement you want to make with your cabinets, will most likely determine the shade of black that is suitable for your kitchen cabinets.

    Another thing, if you have black kitchen cabinets, like the material of the case. It cannot be considered as an exclusively modern color, but it works well on cabinets of laminated materials.

    A softer black, sometimes with a slightly weathered effect, can also work fine if your cabinets are more traditional, especially with the contrast from light colors on the walls, tops.

    Add some gray

    They enhance any kitchen style, be it rustic, traditional or modern. If earlier they were used in European kitchens, now they appear in all styles. This is a retrospective for more traditional designs, as a reminder of the Victorian era.

    In Victorian times, dark forests were used, such as walnut, cherry or mahogany, which were painted almost black. If you combine them with cream granite or marble worktop, you will get a beautiful view.

    Corner kitchen with cabinets

    BoardTry a combination of a frameless cabinet with glass inserts, stainless steel appliances, art glass pendants, and mosaic glass tiles. The color will make the lines of the cabinet expressive, will become the background for other elements in the room.

    When the interior is completely in one color

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    Even if you have a lot of natural light, still use the maximum amount of artificial your kitchen is capable of, so as not to make a black hole out of it.

    BoardDark furniture can show stains and fingerprints more easily than wood, so consider your way to effective cleaning.

    Do not forget about good lighting

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    As for countertops, if you are configured for granite or soapstone, then do not choose a cabinet of the same color. Light-colored worktops, such as light-colored granite with dark patches or marble — if you are ready to spend money — contrast well with a dark suite.

    A metal tabletop, such as stainless steel or a less common choice such as zinc, tin or copper, will be much more advantageous to stand out with black cabinets, since they will reflect a lot of light.

    With metal table top

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    The same goes for your apron - do not leave it in the dark. Take advantage of the black scene and have a sophisticated, bright tile design for it.

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    As for appliances, dark and stainless steel is custom-made. If you use it as an island or one wall from the cabinet, then black appliances will be the perfect complement.

    White tile floor

    BoardFor floors, you can choose a white marble or limestone tile, or oak floor, which will give a warm combination.

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    Black and white kitchen

    This color is easily mixed with white. In fact, there are many changes that you can make in your white kitchen to stay on top of the latest trends.

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    Dark technique

    We all have a need for appliances. From the popular range from refrigerators to microwaves, appliances serve as basic kitchen items. Even if your appliances are old or simply outdated, the white kitchen with black appliances looks incredible. It is also convenient that the devices are quite easy to replace and they do not cost a lot of money.

    Combined with wooden beams on the ceiling

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    Accent wall

    Another great way to keep your fashionable kitchen is to paint the wall in the kitchen in a charcoal color.. This may be the whole wall, or a small part of it - say, the space between the upper and lower cabinets. It will be quite a bit to make a statement, but not so much to completely overshadow the bright kitchen.

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    There are many materials that we can use for our countertops. From granite to marble, from soapstone to laminate - there is an option for every budget. If you don't want to spend a lot, a black tabletop or a white tabletop with black elements is the perfect complement to any kitchen.

    Black and purple interior

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    Apron and mosaic

    Want to make less changes in your kitchen, still wanting to stay in trend? Look at the black and white mosaic behind your workbench or sink. An apron or mosaic is not only fashionable, they will attract the attention of your guests, they will make the necessary addition.

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    Suppose you want to take a significant step towards this trend. Then closets or even just an island is the way to go.

    A bold statement, black cabinets look great when they fit on a lighter floor.

    They also help you to clearly emphasize the design, such as gilding and equipment, and also contrast well with marble worktops.

    These cabinets look great on the bright floor.

    So stay in trend with a few changes, even if you just made changes to your design.

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    Black and white kitchen cabinets

    They help give the kitchen a clean, modern look, while the muted gray gives you something more elegant and soothing to soften the expressiveness of dark tones. Too much black, like too much other color, can be overwhelming. Its proportion depends on the statement you want to make and what you want to convey in the room.

    Too much black can be overwhelming

    You must keep in mind the other details in the room that surround the cabinets. Countertops should be combined with floors, which should be mixed with paint on the walls, which is emphasized in the lighting. This mixing in the cabinets gives beautiful results. An expert designer will help to make this combination harmonious. You can also work with design software on accessible sites on home decor.

    In the kitchen with dark cabinets, lighting is just as important as choosing a color to maintain a balance between the darkness of the cabinets and the lighting in the room. Therefore, you will need to take into account the number of windows and natural lighting already in the room and what additional lighting you need to achieve the expected effect.

    Worktop must be matched to the floor.

    BoardFor a large kitchen with a lot of cabinets, think about placing an island with dark cabinets in the center, and then make the rest of the cabinets white. This will give you a clean, modern look, without creating dark or too strong feelings. A splash of color, such as red, mixed with black, also creates an expressive, funny look.

    The type of paint used is also very important with a dark one, because, contrary to the general opinion, it is very marks and all defects are noticeable on it. Glossy black will display fingerprints and blemishes easier, so a matte will be the preferred choice for easier maintenance. Both will require careful planning and placement.

    All fingerprints are visible on gloss.

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    Black and red

    One of the unusual color combinations that people choose when designing a house. Red and black combo is considered the most expressive combination in the world of interior design.This kitchen will be an excellent choice for women who love these two colors.

    It is expressive, sharp and modern. These are two contrasts on the color wheel, which are very easy to combine, but only the right combination creates the right kitchen.

    The most expressive duet

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    Balancing two primary colors

    Both colors are primary and need common ground. The easiest way to do this is to add some white. Both also have many shades, blacks come from gray coal to soot, red also varies from light red to rich red-brown. It is a good idea to combine glossy and matte shades for maximum effect and a balanced interior.

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    Design Ideas

    Matte red walls create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. Add a white ceiling and floor, a black worktop, cabinets and a red carpet on the floor. Red gauges in metallic shades add expressiveness. For maximum contrast, use matte red walls with glossy black.

    Add brightness with accessories

    Go to the walls with white and black patterned tiles and contrast with the glossy bright red cabinets.

    Black granite countertops and shiny chrome fixtures and accents such as the handles of cabinets and drawers look amazing. Add a fun item with a black and red apron.

    BoardPaint one wall red and one black. Use accents of similar colors on the other two walls. Add a large bay window to give plenty of natural light; if the window opens into the garden, even better. Add a dark decorative tabletop made of natural stone and a floor with open glass shelving on the walls.

    Using contrast walls

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    Use texture

    При использовании сильных цветов рекомендуется использовать минималистский дизайн и использовать текстуры в качестве элемента дизайна. Rough-carved dark stone floor, textured red wall, red veneer with textured contrasts add depth to the decor.

    You can add accents such as a potted plant with large leaves, or a transparent white curtain tied with red and black tassels to add a soft touch to the powerful kitchen design.

    Apron like a bright design accent

    You are advised to be very careful when designing a brightly colored kitchen. If you add too much white, you will lose expressiveness, but if you apply these colors too intensively, there is a risk of being in a visually heavy design that will look unattractive.

    BoardGo for a minimalist design to maintain clear and clean lines. Your furniture should be with impeccable lines.

    Better not to use a lot of white

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    Black and green

    Another unusual trend in the kitchen, which can be observed recently, it is impossible not to love her: a combination of green and black. It usually means green cabinets and black marble countertops, but you can play all sorts of ways, they are all pretty beautiful. Colored kitchens have lately gone out of fashion a little, so it is doubly pleasant to encounter something unusual. (Not to mention the fact that such a combination is a great combination in any room.) Let's take a closer look.

    Unusual, but very beautiful combination

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    Dark green

    Dark or dirty green is expected to remain popular in the coming years, displacing bright acidic greens. It can be a shade of algae, moss or juniper shades. If you like this color, consider one of these approaches:

    • Complete it with warm tones.. Green is a good partner with earthy tones that cause a warmer atmosphere. Bright orange and soft terracotta in pens and clay pot; light beige on wooden walls, floors and countertops; ocher on the shelf.
    • Focus on the floor. Patterned floor tiles in the room remain extremely popular. Choose geometric patterns that will be a good accent in more traditional ceramic tile designs. They are suitable for modern kitchen.

    It looks great combination of colors

    BoardFor a more modern look, choose cupboards without handles and a slightly less restrained shade of green. Instead of having a bright floor, you can also try hanging a large abstract print on a wall or a poster in additional colors to create a similar effect.
    • These are the two most popular options when it comes to shades of green. Combine it with marble countertops or an apron and carefully select the lighting.
    • Enhance your room design with art. Marble accents, antique oil paintings, a little more brass. Art can improve the kitchen and send the imagination to any era to which you would like to resort - whether it is colonial, modern or something in between.
    • Play with gray. Choosing a shade that borders dark gray is another way to use green in modern space, because gray has modern connotations.

    BoardIn kitchen design, there is an established tradition to use two colors of cabinets, with the lower one being darker and the upper one with a lighter tone. The application of this unspoken rule always works, because the kitchen with it looks big and airy, with a high ceiling. Return to the menu

    VIDEO: The versatility of black in the interior of the kitchen