How to make a flower from a ribbon Doing your own hands (90+ Photos): Simple Master Classes for Creating a Beautiful Bud

Ribbon flower is a beautiful decor that can be easily made by hand. It can be used not only to decorate a gift, but also as a gift in general. Everyone can learn, the main thing is a little patience and time. Before you make a flower yourself, prepare all the necessary materials for the work and follow the suggested master classes: the result will delight you with its elegance and versatility.


Bud making from satin

A master class is great for novice needlewomen, clearly illustrating how to make a flower out of wide-size satin ribbons. The width of this material is 5-10 cm. Satin fabric is offered in a huge variety, so choose your favorite colors.

Beautiful flower

BoardIf the product is intended for a brooch, purchase a material of bright color. When making a bud to compose a composition or a textile bouquet, choose shades that are compatible with each other. For making, you will need a two-meter skein of satin ribbon 5 cm wide, a piece of paper, a simple pencil, a cigarette lighter or matches. You will also need a needle with a thread of the appropriate color. Instead of a lighter, experienced craftswomen use a tea candle - it is small in size and convenient for singing edges.